So, You Do?

I don’t know why am I even writing about this but I need to get it out of my system. Very badly. The thing is that today I was traveling in a bus and the girl sitting behind me was on the phone with her boyfriend. I know it is bad to eavesdrop, especially when it is too very private, but she was sitting right behind me and she was very loud. Then I thought ‘Oh, what the hell!’ and invaded her personal space.

The beginning of her conversation was very stale. It was all that stuff that makes you want to throw up. The real thing that made me lost my effing mind started after a long long time. Yes, I did not play a good co passenger and no, please don’t judge me.

“I cannot wait to get married and start living together!”

According to me, either the girl was old fashioned (that’s okay) or she hadn’t heard of ‘live in relationships’ (not okay).

Whatever, I don’t care about the girl or her marriage, the thing I care about is why people think that it is necessary to get married. I don’t mean to say that getting hitched to someone is bad. No. What I mean to say is that when two people are in love, why do they need to take the permission of other thousands of people to live together and have babies? Why are marriages even necessary? I don’t see the need of getting “married” to someone I love even if I want to spend the rest of my life with them.


So here are some of the points why I think getting hitched is not necessary:

1. The lavish wedding cake is not going to hold your souls together, but the love you share is definitely going to.
2. None of bridesmaids is going to sort out the things when you two are in a fight. It is you who will have do the talking.
3. Not even a single guest is going to remember your wedding after the next day. It will only be the two of you with every single detail weaved in your souls. Good or bad.
4. No gift given will be matchable to the gift you two give to each other without even getting married, that is, obviously your love.
5. If you are not a good dancer, you will have to live with the embarrassment of your ‘first dance’ for the rest of your life, but on the brighter side if you don’t get married, you won’t have to. 😛

So, all of the things mentioned above are possible without even getting married. Also, without getting married you might even know if the person was worth loving or not, because if you are walking down the aisle with that person on the grounds that they might run away, then you need to get your $#it straightened. But on the other hand if he/she is the one and you are not settling down, then I don’t think there is any harm and also it would add a little bit of thrill to your life. Maybe.

Most of the people, after getting married, tend to develop a sense of ownership over their spouse and then they think that any type of a mistake is forgivable but, what good is that?

The only reason which comes to my mind for getting married is that when you apply for a loan (having it named under the wife’s name makes it easy to get one and lessens the interest).

Please don’t think of me as a depressed creep who has a grudge against weddings because I don’t. In fact, I like to attend them. Not because two beautiful souls are going to be blessed by God and all the other tens of millions of guests are going witness the ceremony after which both of them are going to stay together for say, ten years and then get divorced mostly because of each others in-laws, I like to attend them because of the food that is served. 😀

It is unbelievable how much a person/family can spend on a wedding. Frankly, most of it is mere show off. Believe me, I live in India and I have seen those people spend lavishly on a wedding who have no idea from where are they going to arrange the next day’s meal.

Maybe I am too young to understand the concept of a lavish party at a sacred wedding and maybe I am too going to do the same things when I come of the age, but right now I don’t understand the concept of the ‘big idea’ and nor do I want to.